Shots and da doctor!
April 4, 2008, 1:01 am
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WEll today I had to go to the doctor and get 3 shots and a physical it wasn’t very fun. I had to wear a blue dress thing Dx. Well to the shots they put two in one arm and one on the other. My first shot didn’t hurt one bit but i did freak out a little when the nurse shoved a inch long needle all the way into my arm. The second shot hurt really bad probably cuz it was in the same area as the first maybe a quarter of a centimeter away xD. The only bad thing was I had to go back to school for My last period of the day, the dreaded Period 7 (math) Other than that my day was awesome oh and I’m writing a horror story im going to be posting anew section of it each week on an awesome art related forum made by my good friend Rod_Rego (Craig) Well that’s it for today

p.s. Whenever i post its a day later than its supposed to be if you know how to change the time xone please tell me xD



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