OMG! April folls day xD
April 2, 2008, 4:09 am
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My Language arts teacher is sooo evil. She played a really mean joke on us, ok here it is. First she told us that Our principal  saw 8 people chewing gum in our class on the way to lunch so we all had lunch detention and had to scrape gum off of the Side walk! Then she said if u right a leter saying that it’s fair or un-fair that maybe Our principal would let us go to lunch. So me just obeying my teacher wrote a very very long letter about how unfair this punishment was and I used big words like inevitable and other words i don’t even remember then i signed the letter as anonymous because my principal is scary (well at least i think she is xD) then after everyone handed the letter My L.A. teacher said April fools Dx.

Well other than


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